Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! This year I dressed up as Mickey Mouse. I even was crawling around like a mouse earlier in the day. Silly Mickey! Daddy was carving a jack-o-lantern and showed me the insides. Can I touch it?Better yet...can I help? I climbed up on this chair and everything. Ready!The finished product...Here I am as Mickey Mouse and my big brother, Evan, as a fireman. Grandma visited over the weekend and dressed up as a witch on Halloween. She handed out candy while we went trick-or-treating. I was not so sure of her costume, especially her wig and hat. When she took it off, I recognized her!Let's go trick-or-treating!
Whoops! When we were on the sidewalk, I went back up our driveway. We are supposed to walk up our neighbor's driveways? I understand now.
I had a great time trick-or-treating! It did not take me long to grasp the concept. Because I was so cute and friendly, our neighbors kept offering more and more candy to me! I certainly was not shy!
After collecting candy, Mommy and I went inside to warm up with a snack...
I was walking backwards and Daisy got all confused. She started barking at me, uh, barking at Mickey Mouse!

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